Branch Members remember the tragic D.H. Dove Accident.

During their recent visit to the Limerick/Shannon area on 20th October members of the Branch remembered the 50th anniversary of the tragic accident to DH Dove 188 which occurred on 27 January 1961.

Two Air Corps pilots and two Air Traffic Control Assistants lost their lives in the accident.

A wreath was laid on the site by Branch Chairman Paddy O’Meara and prayers were offered by Canon Reuben Butler from Newmarket on Fergus.

A guard of Honour was provided by members of the Branch and appropriate music was played by retired Air Corps piper P. J. Brennan.

Some former colleagues of the deceased ATC Assistants were also in attendance.


DH-DOVE-Wreath-Laying-005 DH-DOVE-Wreath-Laying-023
Group preparing for the Wreath Laying ceremony at the accident site near Newmarket on Fergus Co. Clare Mr. Sam Dooley pays his respects as NCO I/C of the aircraft on the tragic occasion
DH-DOVE-Wreath-Laying-034 DH-DOVE-Wreath-Laying-036
Wreath Laying performed by Branch Chairman, Paddy O’Meara Guard of Honour of Roger Casement Branch members
DH-DOVE-Wreath-Laying-047 DH-DOVE-Wreath-Laying-057
Branch members. Brendan Downey, Paddy O’Meara and Mick Egan Memorial Cross
DH-DOVE-Wreath-Laying-062 DH-DOVE-Wreath-Laying-065
Colleagues of the deceased ATC personnel with Canon Reuben Butler, Paddy O’Meara and Sam Dooley  Sam Dooley, Canon Butler and Tim Keane retired ATC officer
DH-DOVE-Wreath-Laying-075 DH-DOVE-Wreath-Laying-076
Memorial Cross General view of the site
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